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Posted Nov 13, 2019  
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Province: Gauteng
City: Vereeniging
Address: 266 Foothill Road, Walkers Fruit Farms, De Deur
Type: Cleaning
Manufacturers and distributors of Industrial Descaling Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Descaling Equipment and Descaling Services including Water Treatment Systems, Water Treatment Services.


ScaleAwayBIO is a non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, descaler specifically formulated to rapidly clean limescale, rust, mud, sludge and other water formed deposits from passages in all potable water systems including industrial water-cooled or water-heated equipment, like heat exchangers, oil coolers, cooling jackets, radiators, water chillers, cooling towers, boilers, furnaces, radiators.

Our Products can be used for all the following:
Descaler, chemical cleaning, limescale, limescale build-up, water scale, water scale remover, corrosion inhibitor, Boilers, Furnaces, Water Chillers, Pipe Maintenance, Inorganic Scale, Organic Scale, Complexing Agent, Calcium Stearate, Calcium Oleate, Calcium Oxalate, water scale removal, lime, heat transfer, Industrial Piping Solutions, repairing pipes, high pressure PVC pipes, UPVC Piping, preventative maintenance, calcium carbonate, carbonic acid, cooling system, product reject rate, process contamination, heat exchanger, heat exchanger services, heat exchanger maintenance, plate heat exchanger, oil cooler, oil cooler service, oil cooler maintenance, water boiler, Boiler Maintenance, boiler cleaning, furnace cleaning, furnace maintenance, water chiller, degreaser, bio-degradable, chelating agents.


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