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Services in Kuruman

Posted May 18, 2020  
10947 Visits
Province: Northern Cape
City: Kuruman

Registered Under NASASA
(The National Stokvel Association Of South Africa)
The Group was formed and Established by a number of Families who fell victim to similar schemes that turned out to be Scams.
The Aim of the Group is to Establish a Group of Trustworthy, Reliable and Honest Members who are willing to help each other change their Financial situations to become Financially Free.
This is a Peer-To-Peer Donation Funding Group. Pocket Rocket is NOT a Banking Institution, NOR do we provide individuals with any Financial Advice or Information on Investments. The Members voluntarily Donate (PH) to another Person who requests help (GH). He/she can then request to Get Help. There is NO Central Bank Account. Monies are paid over by a Member out of his/her Personal Bank Account to a Member, into their Personal Bank Account.
The Process is Open and straightforward. Every Member of the Group is afforded the Opportunity to Contribute a R500, R1000 and R2000 (Maximum) to earn 100% within 7days. Members will be allowed to contribute on every “Pay-run.” The stipulation is that every participating member has to re-contribute in order to keep the system flowing. Non-participating members will lose the Insurance Benefits.

A 40% will be paid over by each member, calculated on the Profits earned, after they have received help. This is to cover the following costs:
30% Insurance Fees
2% Admin Fees
8% Referral Bonus Fee. This is a Once-off referral fee paid when your downline joins and creates a PH.
PR Group aim to SECURE all the Member’s monies and this is done through the Insurance Fees. Insurance Fees will alleviate the burden of any Backlog in the System. Admin Fees will cover Bank costs and Admin. In the event of Insurance Fees not used, 50% of unused Insurance Bonuses will be shared amongst Participating Members once per annum. This is currently under review with every 6 months in mind. Members will be updated once the changes fall in place.
PR Group Member will always work as a Team. We encourage Team Participation to build a solid platform where all members can contribute to growing positive, healthy relationships. We further encourage Members to refer honest, reliable family members and friends to PR Group. These referrals will be screened by Admin and if they are willing to participate and create a PH, the new member will then be added to the WhatsApp Group. This is a Members-only Group. No Spectators will be added.
All queries and questions should be directly to Admin via WhatsApp 060 433 3830
PR Group is busy having a website designed and will have a Land-line and e-mail addresses in place. Watch this space.
Remember, membership in this group is voluntarily done by each member.

Thank you for your interest and participation.


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