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Home Schooling, Afters Care, Weekend extra lessons

Services in Pretoria North

Province: Gauteng
City: Pretoria North
Address: 256 Blyde Avenue
Laser Focus Mind academy deals with brain exercises that enhance children performance in class and in life in general. The academy has been created here in Africa in 2013 after realising a great need and also after realising how it has greatly influenced life to children who had no hope in making it in life in La Verne, California. Laser Mind Focus Academy

has a highly qualified and experience tutor, fifteen years experience in working with children.

Exercises and tasks given do not only help learners academically, but also life in general. Taking your child to a private tutor for remedial classes is a temporary solution. It is like trying to cure the symptoms of a disease and not the root cause of the disease. Laser Mind Focus Academy corrects what is making your child not to understand together with the rest of the class during classes.

Academic poor performance can be as result of:

 Poor concentration

 Low IQ

 Inability to use greater part of the brain

 Fewer brain neurons

 Poor brain wave pattern


 Lack of interest in school

Part of the endless benefits of the exercises is listed below. The exercises:

 Improves brain capacity ( memory) by increasing brain neurons and synapses

 Improves brain wave for enhanced focus ( Increase chances of staying in the Alpha brainwave function)

 Synchronises the left and right brain hemisphere for enhanced personal creativity

 Enhances chances to reach Ketonesis (Body derived ketones that are excellent brain food)  Increases hypothalamus size for endocrine system function enhancement

 Naturally enhances testosterone levels for enhanced creativity positive mood

 Improves hormonal balances  Change of bad habits

 Stimulates the production of natural serotonin (Powerful Brain food)

 Incresase the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor

 Enhances body immunity

 Improves all your five senses  Better resistance to disease and conditions Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetics and many more.

Senior Tutor

The tutor has spending fifteen years as a Physics Chemistry and Maths teacher in Botswana and South Africa including six years teaching mind wellness in La Verne, Califonia. He has acquired vast experience working with mind wellness tools. He have helped many learners through cutting edge scientific proven methods and his God given ability to change the destiny of many learners in a positive way. He has the following qualifications, MA (child development)*, MBA, Cert in JS Ultra Mind Systems, Cert in Colour Therapy, Cert in Yoga, Cert in Scent Therapy, BSC Ed in Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

Places are available for 2016
only for grades 4 to 12

Please contact Bethel on


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