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2255/40/19 Bridgestonne Run flats for sale

BMW Accessories in Linmeyer

Contact me
Part: Accessories
Car Make: BMW
Province: Gauteng
City: Linmeyer
Address: 21 Verona road Rosetteneville Johannesburg south
Seller Type: Owner
Payment Method: Any
Ad ID: 176799
Hello everyone,
we sell all kinds of tyres.from size 12 to 23. passenger Tyres, Hi- Performance Tyres, Run-flat Tyres, Our Tyres are Pressure Tested and and are in very good condition.

BMW tyres run flat and Mercedes-Benz tyres
M3 tyres M4 tyres 5 tyres Michelin tyres
Set 255/35/R19 Michelin pilot Sport
Set 265/35/R19 Michelin pilot Sport cup 2
Set 295/30/R19 Michelin pilot Sport
Set 265/35/R20 Michelin pilot Sport cup 2
Set 285/35/R20 Michelin pilot super Sport
Set 295/30/R20 Michelin pilot Sport
Set 305/30/R20 Michelin pilot super Sport 4 S
Set 285/75/R16 Cooper
Set 285/70/R17 bf Goodrich
Set 285/60/R18 bf Goodrich
Set 305/55/R20

R195/55/R16 - R195/60/R16
R205/55/R16 -R205/60/R16
R215/60/R16 - R215/65/R16
R215/70/R16 - R215/75/R16
R245/70/R16 - R255/70/R16
R205/40/R17 - R205/45/R17
R215/40/R17 -R215/45/R17
R225/45/R17 - R235/40/R17
R225/60/R17 - R225/65/R17
R235/60/R17 - R235/65/R17
R245/65/R17 - R245/70/R17
R255/40/R17 - R255/45/R17
R265/65/R17 - R265/70/R17
R275/70/R17 - R285/70/R17
R205/40/R18 - R225/40/R18
R225/45/R18 - R235/40/R18
R235/45/R18 - R245/40/R18
R245/30/R18 - R245/35/R18
R245/45/R18 - R255/40/R18
R255/30/R18 - R255/35/R18
R265/60/R18 - R265/65/R18
R275/65/R18 - R285/60/R18
R225/40/R19 - R225/45/R19
R235/35/R19 - R245/35/R19
R245/40/R19 - R245/45/R19
R255/30/R19 - R255/35/R19
R255/50/R19 - R255/55/R19
R265/35/R19 - R275/35/R19
R275/40/R19 - R275/45/R19
R225/30/R20 - R225/35/R20
R235/30/R20 - R235/35/R20
R245/30/R20 - R245/35/R20
R245/40/R20 - R245/45/R20
R255/40/R20 - R255/45/R20
R255/50/R20 - R255/55/R20
R265/30/R20 - R265/35/R20
R275/40/R20 - R275/45/R20
R275/50/R20 - R275/55/R20
R295/40/R20 - R295/45/R20
R315/30/R20 - R315/35/R20
R275/35/R21 - R275/40/R21
R285/40/R21 - R285/35/R21
R295/35/R21 - R295/40/R21
R295/45/R21 - R305/30/R21
R305/35/R21 - R215/30/R21
R315/35/R21 - R315/40/R21
R275/40/R22 - R275/45/R22

please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any tyre.

Nsong Tyres and Wheels

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